Nars "O" Dupes (Milani Luminous, Wet 'n Wild Pearlescent Pink, Loreal Front Page Peach and Ulta Afterglow)

8:00 AM

Something I find I am always trying to do is find a good knockoff of a product in a drugstore brand. I posted a few days ago about a good duplicate of the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the Lumene Beauty Base Eye Makeup Base, and now I am going to tackle the infamous Nars O blush.

While going through my collection of blushes, I discovered I have about every possible knockoff available, so I thought I'd line them up against the real deal - Nars.

Wet 'n Wild "Pearlescent Pink" - shimmering pink/coral - more pink than coral with golden shimmers.

Ulta Blush "Afterglow" - shimmering pink with coral/gold sparkles - cooler undertones than Nars O.

Milani "Luminous" - coral blush with golden shimmers and a more golden undertone.

Loreal "Front Page Peach" - pale coral with a hint of pink and very golden shimmers.

From the swatches below you can see the similarities and differences in all the colors. Depending on your skintone, some might work better than others (i.e. darker skintones might want the deeper corals of Ulta Afterglow and Wet 'n Wild Pearlescent Pink). I think that of the four I am comparing to Nars, that Loreal Front Page Peach and Milani Luminous are the best in actual comparison. Loreal has a bit more golden shimmer, and the Milani isn't quite as pigmented as the Nars, but all in all, these are the most similar. Milani's you should be able to find at any of your local drug stores, where Loreal Front Page Peach I had to purchase on Ebay.
Because I just received the Loreal Front Page Peach in the mail yesterday, I had to play around with it and see if I liked the color or not - which I do! Not only is it a great flush, but it has a beautiful glow associated with it. The glow isn't quite as evident below, but this is a beautiful blush!

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  1. i love the glow on your face! it looks natural and just right!


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