NYX Eyeshadow Singles

8:00 AM

As promised, I have swatched the NYX Eyeshadow Singles that I received in the mail on Friday - now I definitely have a lot of colors to choose from! I have to admit, the texture, pigmentation, and staying power of these shadows are in a league of their own, especially for the price! I would put these up against any high end eyeshadows.

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6:

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  1. omg! you have a huge collection now! i love the greens!

  2. The greens are definitely gorgeous! I dabbled in the pinks today, as I don't typically wear them, and I love the color I picked (pink oleander). If I get motivated, I'll post a FOTD with the colors. Very natural and easy to blend into neutrals, for just a pop of color!

  3. WOW thats a lot of shadows!!How long have you been collecting them??

  4. I actually just ordered them all at once because they had a fantastic sale on a "lot" of their shadows and their lipsticks. I figure get them all at once! :)


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