Jesse's Girl NEW Stardust Powder Eyeshadows

10:01 AM

Most of you know that although I love my high end brands like MAC, but there is no denying that there are some really good brands you can find at your local drug store as well. One of these is Jesse's Girl, which unfortunately is not in any drug store around me, but has a great website with great deals and fantastic customer service!

I just received an email from them yesterday about some new products, one of which is their new Stardust Powder eyeshadows, which remind me of some of the really pretty Smashbox colors for spring. These retail for $4.49 each, but on the website you can order the whole collection for $24.00!

There are several new shades in their Eye Dusts, which a lot of people compare to the same quality of MAC pigments, and the color variety is second to none! I have a whole set of sample baggies of all the colors (with the exception to the new ones that just came out on their website this week) and the colors are vibrant, staying power is exceptional, and the price is phenomenal at $3.99 a piece!

Give Jesse's Girl a try, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I'm wondering how to subscribe to get Jesse's Girl emails. I'm interested in their products but don't have stores near me that carry the brand either. Thanks



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