Bare Escentuals Liner Shadow Compact Quad III - Bon Bon, Brocade, Luxe, and Incense

8:54 AM

When I was at the Bare Escentuals boutique a few weeks ago I purchased the Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Shadow Compact Quad III, which comes with 4 great colors including Bon Bon, Brocade, Luxe and Incense. The compact is a convenient way of holding four liner shadows in their own self contained compartments and has a great liner brush.

As you can see, each liner has it's own little compartment that seals at the top. There are two wells that allow you to add your own mixing medium, or eyelining solution to liquefy the powder for easy application. I recommend the Bare Escentuals Weather Everything Liner sealer - this makes sure that whatever eyeshadow you are transforming into a liner doesn't budge! It comes in an easy bottle that has an eyedropper type tip, and a set of 3 little compartments that you mix your liners in - it reminds me of the little paint-by-numbers paints we used as a kid! Some of these colors are versatile enough that they can be used to create a smokey eyeshadow as well.

I have swatched the liners below: (From top left to bottom right) Bon Bon, Brocade, Incense, and Luxe.

If anyone is looking for an easy and affordable way to try the Bare Escentuals liners, this is definitely a great way to acquire a few different colors and try them out! I would definitely recommend this, and any of the other eyeliner sets they have out there - great colors and a great product!

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