Spotted at Meijer: More Halloween Goodies! Rimmel, Pumpkin Nail Polishes

2:12 PM

Halloween is in full effect at Meijer.  This time, a closeup of the Rimmel "London's Wicked Beauty" Collection, which includes two eyeshadow quads, two nail polish and the Day2Night mascara.  One of the nailpolishes was a black cream, but the other was this really pretty almost evergreen frost, called Rags to Riches.  My camera phone takes horrible pictures, but you get the gist of it below.  I bought this one, so I'll post some swatches of it when I get around to it.

Also, one of my favorite things to dig through: all the pumpkin polishes!  This year there were three bins of them to pick through - some neons, creams, glitters and a few unique ones. 

Another horrible camera phone picture, but this is a black and orange tinsel glitter.  Tons of little strands of tinsel throughout - it looks like it could be really cool on.

This is another pumpkin - this time an irridescent blue/teal/purple jelly glitter.  It reminds me of a glitter version of Sally Hansen's HD in DVD. 

The last thing I saw, but couldn't find a name on it, were these Duo Nail Polish sets.  Depending on how you pull the brush out, you can either get a fine tip or a full brush.  All came with black cream on one side, and the other came in a broad spectrum of choice: here a neon green or an orange glitter.

What cool Halloween makeup have you seen/found?

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