NOTD: Revlon Nail Polish "Starry Pink"

10:53 AM

Revlon Starry Pink, from the Expressionists Display at Meijer last week.  On a side note, I did notice these in the permanent display at Target as well.

Starry Pink is a very pale pink creme polish.  It almost borders on pale pinkish-lilac creme, to be honest.  There are tons of small silver glitter, and larger hexagonal silver glitters as well.  As you paint over each layer, the glitter becomes more and ore muted towards the bottom, leaving those pieces on your last top coat to shine the most.  Some say this is not work-safe, but I think that depends on where you work.  Lucky for me, I can wear pretty much any color without the questioning stares, but for those that work in a more conservative environment, this does have glitter.  Although I tend to go much darker and warmer in the fall/winter, I think this is a nice way to sort of brighten things up without wearing too summery of a color.

Please excuse the chip - this wasn't a fault of the polish at all.  I actually had a nail that was peeling a bit, and I must have snagged it on something just prior to taking the pictures.  This particular manicure is 3 coats, with a top coat.  I didn't have problems with chipping or bubbling.  The consistency is a bit thicker than some Revlon polishes, which actually made this easier to apply. 

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