Review: L'oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss "Saucy Mauve"

8:00 AM

I'm sure I've shown you pictures of my makeup stash over the past years I've been blogging - there are very few things that I don't have tons of, for sure, but the other thing besides mascara that I love is lip gloss.  When the L'oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss display came out, I was automatically drawn in by all the different colors.  After passing by several times on my grocery trips, I finally caved in and purchased the color Saucy Mauve. 

These glosses come in 16 shades, and are enriched with Omega-3's, Vitamin E and Argan Oil. 
The tube is quite narrow, and even the squeeze applicator is narrow too.  I actually like that.  It allows for more precise application without getting outside the "lines" of my lips and looking like a child applied the gloss.

The consistency is very nice.  Thick, but not sticky.  The color can be layered for a more intense look, or just applied once for a sheer, but shiny, lip.  Because it isn't super sticky, this isn't the longest lasting gloss, but I will say my lips feel more moisturized after using in than before.  There is definitely a hint of color, but it doesn't feather outside of my lips either, which I would fear for some of the darker shades.

Swatches of Saucy Mauve on my lips.  The tube has this as more of a purple based mauve, but when it's applied on it comes off as a nice warm berry with a hint of shimmer.  I could see using this on top of some of my lipsticks to brighten them up as well as add some shine. 

So have you picked this up?  What color did you get?

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