Spotted at Meijer: NEW! Loreal Paris Project Runway Collection "Colors Take Flight"

3:47 PM

So, perusing (give a girl a break-typo's are allowed every once in a while...) through Miejer today and I spotted a TON of new goodies to share.  First up, the L'oreal collaboration with Project Runway: Colors Take Flight.  This is a set of new blushes, an eyeshadow quad (that wasn't on the display), two new nail polishes and the primer. 

I was instantly drawn to the nailpolishes, called Amazon's Flare (a bright fuchsia/pink cream -a this looks pinker than in real life) and this gorgeous color called Amazon's Gold (I think).  I picked this one up so I'll confirm with my swatches.

This cell phone picture doesn't do it justice - the shade is so complex - it's like a gold version of Graphite/Carbonite.

Have you seen this collection out yet? 

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  1. I saw this collection at my Walgreens on Monday and I've been scouring the internet for information on it ever since! Thank you for this post; not being able to find anything about it was driving me crazy!

    Also, there were more than two new polishes in the collection I saw. There were at least six, if not more. The only two new polish names I can remember are Cockatoo's Wisdom and Cockatoo's Mystery. I believe every different "look" got its own little display; there were three or four of them on a shelf.

    I think I'll stop my rambling now. ;) Everything in this collection is just gorgeous, though; I can't decide what to buy!

  2. @bevisfreak - I looked all over the internet too and couldn't find anything! I'm not sure what the whole collection should include, but I'm anxious to see some more information on it. Thanks for your response (and rambling!) :)


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