Sally Hansen Salon Complete Fall Designer Series: Dupes?

2:00 PM

While I was walking around looking at the new displays for fall/winter in CVS, I noticed a couple of colors that looked like good dupes of the Sally Hansen Salon Completes for the Fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love these Sally Hansen Completes, but if I can save a buck or two, I'm game!

First up, Sally Hansen Salon Complete "Shiny Penny" vs Milani's "Bijou Bronze".  The Milani version looks a bit more metallic in real life, but the actual copper color is very much the same across the two.

Next up, Sally Hansen Complete in Anenome of Mine vs Confetti's Purple Reigns and Milani's Cool Vibe.  All three are warm plum cremes.  Comparitaively speaking, I'd say the Confetti is a tinge darker than the Milani version, but they are all extremely similar to the Sally Hansen in the bottle. 

I think those are pretty good dupes, what do you think?

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