Swatches: Wet 'n Wild LE Color Icon Trios in "We're Blasting Off", "Dancing in the Clouds", "Earth Looks Small from Down Here" and "Bright Idea"

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Happy Labor Day! 

I'm sure you have all seen these, but just in case you haven't I thought I'd share swatches.  I finally found these at a Meijer near me.  My favorite two are "We're Blasting Off" and "Dancing in the Clouds".

"We're Blasting Off":  A set of pinkier taupes.  The browbone shade is an almost matte baby pink, the crease is a deep plummy brown with taupe shimmer, and the eyelid shade is a silvery taupe.  The crease and eyeliner are very creamy and pigmented. 

"Dancing in the Clouds":  A unique trio.  The brownbone and eyelid shades are metallic, and the crease is a satin shade.  The browbone is a golden taupe.  The crease is a bright Easter purple, and the eyelid is a really bright, new-penny copper shade.

"Earth Looks Small from Down Here":  The name is a great pick for this set.  The three colors really do remind me of the globe in my classroom growing up.  The brownbone is a greenish gold.  I say greenish, because it has a sort of olive-undertone to it.  The crease is a bright denim blue shimmer.  The eyelid shade is a bright kelly green with a satin finish.

"Bright Idea":  Probably my least favorite of the set.  These aren't nearly as pigmented as the others.  The brownbone is a bright yellow with silvery shimmer.  The crease shade is similar to that above - a kelly green with shimmer, but this time it's a more golden shimmer than above.  The eye color is a bright fushia/pink with pale pink shimmer.

The pigmentation was very nice on these.  Creamy, colorful and typical of the Color Icon's.  I'd say that "Bright Idea" was the lightest of the four.  "Dancing in the Clouds" and "We're Blasting Off" were the creamiest of the four I picked up.

What set was your favorite of the newest LE collection from Wet 'n Wild?

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