Tropez Beauty

1:47 PM

Has anyone heard of Tropez Beauty? I was roaming around my local Walgreens today over my lunch break and noticed this tucked away in the back corner.

I bought a couple products to try, so I will do a look and review when I get the opportunity to play with them. The few things I bought were two liquid eyeliners: Teal Blue and Green Envy.

I also purchased a set of 4 mini pigment vials - something I am hoping will be an indication of things to come. Just from the looks of them they are bright, frosty and really pretty. I will upload a picture when I get back home and can take one.

Let me know if you have ever heard or tried this brand before - I'd love to know!

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  1. I've heard of this brand but never tried. Let us know you like it (or not). I'm always looking for a reason to buy more makeup!


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