Swatches: Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quad "ShowStoppers-01"

9:38 AM

Target is my weakness.  I try to tell myself I'm going to walk in there for one thing, and I end up coming out with a cart full of goodies.  Well, my last trip there was no exception.  I noticed some sparkly goodies on the Sonia Kashuk display, so I wandered over and discovered this: Showstoppers

Showstoppers, a metallic eyeshadow quad, instantly made me think of the holidays: Silver and Gold. 

All four colors are metallics - we're talking chunky, glitter metallics.  Think MAC Crushed Metals metallics, but only a pressed version instead of a loose pigment.  These are creamy.  They are almost waxy.  I actually think Sonia Kashuk had Maybelline beat when it comes to that shimmery "top coat" they put in their Color Explosion pallets now.  These are exactly the consistency of these, only the base has some pigmentation, where Maybellines is more of a "clear" base with glitter. 

The four colors are: bright white pearl, deep bronze/brown, cool but pale gold, and intense charcoal black.

These are very much 'foils' - they smooth across the skin very easily, especially when you consider how chunky they look in the pan.  I will say blending is a little more difficult with these than a normal eyeshadow.  I prefer to use my finger because I think the warmth of your finger against the product helps it blend, but I still have some difficulty with it.  Instead, I like to play off of Maybellines marketing genius with the Color Explosion quints, and use them as a shimmering top to my eyeshadow look.  If I do a smokey eye, I'll add the charcoal on top to add more sparkle and intensity.  I use the gold or white in the inner corners of a look to really brighten and widen the eyes.  The brown is just gorgeous, too.  I've used a liner brush along my lower lashlines with these too - it works really well.

Swatches are below - one with flash and one without. 

Sparkles, foils and shimmers oh my!  I love it, and can't wait to use these around the holidays when I tend to use more silver and gold combos. 

There are other quads available in an assortment of colors - have you picked any of these up? 

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  1. You must have an awful lot of eye shadows; you seem to buy eye shadows every week.:) One palette goes a very long way with me. The colors of this quad looks beautiful; I also get very excited when I get a new product to try out.


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