Swatches: Wet n Wild "I Got Good Jeans" Pallet

10:29 AM

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I hate when life gets in the way of things I want to blogging.  I have been on an un-intentional hiatus the past few days, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things here with this beauty of a pallet.

I've been sitting on "I've Got Good Jeans" for months now, and haven't gotten around to take pictures or swatches until now.  This is a really nice pallet of blues and a true, 24K gold.  As has been typical with these Color Icon pallets, the pigmentation is fantastic, the colors are extremely blendable, and overall, it is just a fantastic product for the price. 

The pale blue looks very periwinkle in the pan, but actually comes out with more of a silver/metallic coloring when applied to the skin.  The gold is also very metallic, and as I mentioned above, what I consider to be 24K gold (like gold leafing).  The deep crease color is a true navy blue with navy shimmer.  It isn't chalky at all.  All three are very creamy and smooth.  The swatches below are applied with the sponge applicator over bare skin - no primer.  

What is your favorite Color Icon pallet that you've found?

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  1. I'm Getting Sunburned is my favorite! :)

  2. I think the Jeans palette would be very ideal for regular and casual look that is more often worn and more by the younger generations.It has got a fresh youthful look.mineral foundation

  3. The colors look fab; love them! You have a pretty cool blog. Check out my blog; I'm also promoting Avon items and I've given you a blogaward.;)Wishing you a wonderful day!

  4. Lyuba-I love the Sunburned set as well!

    afterglow-you're right, the Jeans set will go either or, ehich is really nice...especially if you can wear blues.

    Sharda-thanks for the kudos! Your blog is great too!


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