NOTD: Forever 21's Love & Beauty "Glitzy Green"

10:59 AM

Click the pictures for a larger view - it's amazing how beautiful this is when zoomed in!
So, I'm turning into a nailpolish blog recently!  I went into Forever 21 to pick up some earrings for an outfit I had purchased and discovered some nailpolish in a big plastic bin by the cashier.  There were tons of other makeup too, but this was the first time I'd seen the Love & Beauty line there.  I picked up two colors, one a deep burgundy with gold glitter for fall, and this called Glitzy Green for now. 

Glitzy Green is a pale, almost sea foam or mint green with glitter and flakeys in it.  The glitter and flakeys are all iridescent, and the base is a sort of a jelly.  I was really hoping for this one to have more color to it, and ultimately end up more like in the bottle, but after four coats I gave up and went with what you see below.  It's really a gorgeous color, and I am looking forward to putting it on top of some of my summer colors (I'm thinking Wet 'n Wild's Garden Hose) to really maximize the color and glitter.  The polishes are $2.80 a piece, which really isn't too bad, especially when you take a look at the color selection and types: everything from cremes, glitters, metallics to even scented polishes.  I'm sure I'll get suckered into some more of these at another date. 

Have you bought any of these colors?  What was the payoff like for you?  I'm really hoping some of the others are more pigmented.  I will say the actual polish lasted quite well and dried quickly.  Considering I have four coats on here, I had minimal chipping or bubbling. 

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  1. I love Forever 21 nail polish! The few that I have gotten have always been really pigmented and great quality for the price.

  2. I am really excited about all of tHese. At 2.80 a pop, the color selection is really nice, and unique. I know I'll be getting a few more as I venture into the store.


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