My L'Oreal Haul from the CVS 75% of Sale

1:20 PM

I recently wandered through my local CVS's L'oreal department to see what was 75% off, and decided to invest in some of the L'Oreal Endless Lipcolors.  Honestly, there were few and far between to pick from, but at around $2.50 a piece, I decided to grab four and see how they worked.  The four I picked were In the Buff, Naked Ambition, Moonlit Mocha and Perfect Plum.

Swatches are below - the colors become much brighter on the lips compared to my hand-swatches.

In the Buff:  A truly matte buff/nude shade - perfect for every day wear.

Naked Ambition: A deep nude with hints of beige shimmer.  This looks lighter in the tube, and then once applied turned into a deep nude - your lips but better - shade.  I really liked this, even with the shimmer.

Moonlit Mocha - a mocha with taupe shimmer.  Although the base color is neutral, the shimmer comes out making this shade a bit on the cooler side.  A great color for the fall/winter.

Perfect Plum - a deep matte cranberry.  A great alternative to your reds - this reminds me of a sister color to the e.l.f. nail color in Rosy Raisin I wore earlier this month.

Overall, the formula on these is quite nice.  I will say, your lips need be pretty dry and barren of product to get an even application.  I noticed that I had a gloss on early in the day and tried to apply the lipstick in the afternoon and had some trouble with that.  The staying power is nice, but those with the shimmer seemed to push the product to the outer edges of my lips, making it look like I lined my lips in a frosty pencil.  I didn't have any peeling or flaking, so I wouldn't exactly say this product dries your lips out like some lipsticks that stay, but you do not get the moiusturization that a lot of lipsticks have now.

Have you tried these?  What are your favorite colors?

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  1. All of them look gorgeous!Thanks for the lip swatches doll!!!


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