Swatches: Fantasy Makers by Wet 'n Wild

9:14 AM

I figured it was due time I posted the swatches of the two eyeshadows I picked up at Walmart the other day. Below is Smoulder (blues) and Sumptuous (pink/purples).

Both are beautiful colors, but the blues definitely have better pigmentation than the pink/purples, which I found a bit surprising. Still, not bad for $2 a shadow!

Please click the images below for a larger picture.

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  1. ooo il ike! how long do they stay on?

  2. Hi Vanessa! I was pleasantly suprised. Although the purple wasn't extremely pigmented, the staying power was great. I did use the HIP paints as a base, though, so I'm not sure how they would handle being without some sort of a base to work with. For the price, I think they are great - especially the blue!

  3. OMG! i have never seen these? why are they missing from my stores?!? thanks for sharing!

  4. Yummy - I don't know! I found mine at Walmart, but the other day I was at Target and noticed them in their Halloween aisle as well. They really are great for the price.


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