Sephora Friends & Family - what's on your list?

9:59 AM

So, if any of you read the MUA boards, you can feel the anticipation for the Sephora F&F coming just around the corner! I know I can't wait, and already have my shopping bag filled with things I *need* to have.

1. Urban Decay Book of Shadows

This collection has some gorgeous colors, and I love their eyeshadow. Plus, the packaging has some great detailing! I love the butterflies and the little mirror. With 16 colors in the pallet, you definitely are getting a good deal at $45 for the set. This breaks down to approximately $2.81 a shadow - not too shabby!

2. Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection

As you all know, I love BE and this collection doesn't look to disappoint. Each color is enhanced with crushed rubies, to add beauty and shimmer to the shades. The other great thing about these collections from BE are the additional products, such as brushes, mascara, blushes, new finishing powders, etc. I love their Buxom glosses, and this color looks beautiful as well. A great value at $54.00!

This kit is right up my alley with tons of sparkle and multiple functions for each color. Not only could they be worn as a shadow, but get them wet and add some intense shine to your look or use them as a liner. I love the colors, and have recently become addicted to the smokey eye look, so I think this would be another great way to glitz up the evening look. It also comes with a foiling brush (which I love of theirs) and a sample of the prime time. Price is $32.00.

Keeping with the glitz and glam theme, when I read they were coming out with a sparklier version of the original Orgasm blush, I had to have it. After seeing it in person, it's a definite must! Price is $25.00.

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  1. haha... i cant do this wishlist thing.. itll be a never ending list and a teaser for me! lol


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