Forgotten makeup...

8:53 AM

Do you ever go through your makeup drawer only to find something you have forgotten about for months? Well, I did the other day, and came across this Smashbox pallet that I received last year for Christmas! Whoops! I think that when I reorganized my stash, I managed to put this in a drawer and it fell to the back, only to be lost until now!

This pallet is perfect for a neutral but smokey eye, which I tried to accomplish in the look below. I used the turquoise, dark brown and ivory to create this work, blending all together.

To create this look I used the turquoise on the inner corner and blended the dark brown into the outer corner. These colors were pulled up towards the crease and blended into the ivory, which was also the high light. I then used the dark brown wet and lined the lower lash line. Finish off with some mascara and ta-da!

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