Spotted: New Physicians Formula Argan Wear Collection at Ulta

11:56 AM

Argan oil is all the rage, and now Physican's Formula has come out with a collection called Argan Wear, which is infused with nourishing Argan oil!  This collection includes BB Creams, a bronzer, blush, and nourshing Argan oil to apply prior to your makeup - one is illuminating (has some gold infused in it) and the other without.  I am kicking myself for not buying the illuminating version (snapshot from the Physicians Formula website below).  

The blush and bronzer are very pretty in person.  They appear to have a gold over-spray, but the detailing of the actual product in the compact is quite beautiful.  

Closeups below - have you seen these yet?  

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  1. The blushes looks absolutely amazing once you dust away the overspray. But I've been told that these products all have a very distinct perfumey scent to them. And as far as I can see from reviews, people are not liking the scent at all. I may just have to skip on this Collection :)


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