Swatches: NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Betwitching Betty

9:28 AM

After about a year, I finally hit the bottom of my beloved Physicians Formula Gel Eyeliner in Black from the Hazel Eyes collection.  Of course, this was clearanced out during the CVS beauty clearance, so I haven't been able to find this one to restock, and I missed out on the beauty clearance so I didn't end up buying anything to back up my inventory!  Whoops!  I have come to love using a gel eyeliner, particularly for black, because they go on smooth and don't crack or flake off during the day, where my liquid eyeliners tend to do just that.

Well, when I was in Ulta the other day looking for some St. Tropez self tanner, I spotted a new spread of NYX products.  Well, these are new to me anyway!  Included was a section of gel liners and smudgers, so I picked up the black, called Betwitching Betty.  I'm pretty sure I paid $6.49 in the store, but online they are $7.99 at Ulta.  The size is 0.11 oz/3g, and pretty much comparable in size to the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liners that come in a pot.

The idea behind this gel liner/smudger is it is multifunctional - use it simply as a liner, or smudge it out for a dramatic effect on the eye (above).  I will say, the formula is so smooth and creamy, it can easly be smudged out without tugging or dragging on the eye.  It is also so pigmented that one swipe with your eyeliner brush and this gives a rich, black line that blends right into the lashline.  It is wet enough to be very easy to apply, but dries quick enough that your eyeshadow doesn't fall out onto the liner and stick to it.  It's official.  I am in love. 

Below is a snapshot of the NYX liner pot next to the Maybelline Eye Studio as well as one of the Physicians Formula gel eyeliner pots, just for size comparison. 

Swatched side-by-side: Physicians Formula (top) and the NYX in Bewitching Betty (bottom).  One swipe each with my tarte eyeliner brush.  If you zoom in, you can see the Physician's Formula has a slight purple shimmer, which is to enhance the hazel in eyes.  The NYX is truly a pitch black liner. 

Like I said, I am in love.  I thought the Physician's Formula liners were easy to use, but this NYX is absolutly flawless.  It glides on, dries, and lasts all day without smudging, cracking, flaking or fading.  I like it so much I went and picked up the two browns in the collection - Charolotte (light brown) and Scarlette (dark brown).  I will swatch these in an upcoming post.

Have you tried these liners/smudgers?  What color did you try?  What is your favorite brand of gel eyeliner?

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  1. hmm I'm curious as to what makes you like the physician's formula more than the maybelline...the maybelline gel is my holy grail eyeliner, and I don't care for PF's gel liner. Maybe I'll have to try this Nyx liner!

    1. Of all the gel liners I had used up to the point I discovered the PF, it was the easiest and most pigmented black I had tried. I haven't tried Maybelline, although I have a couple of the colors. This NYX really is so smooth and dark, it makes application a breeze!

  2. Glad to see a review of these! I've kept passing them in the display because I wasn't sure about how they worked. I think I remember seeing some pretty colors, too!


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