Swatches: Color Workshop Kajal & Lash Set

12:52 PM

After the holidays are that's when you really can get a good bargain.  Take this Color Workshop Kajal & Lash set from Walgreens.  Regular price, $5...but after Christmas, I found this guy 75% off, meaning it was $1.25!  Now, that is $1.25 for not one, but four Kajal eyeliners and a mascara (which immediately went into the trash as it did nothing for my lashes).  

The liners, though, where a different story.  I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect - probably chalky, brittle and non-pigmented.  These kajals were anything but - instead they were smooth.  Creamy.  Long lasting.  And VERY pigmented.  So pigmented, in fact, that the colors on my swatch did not come off after I washed my hands, or showered, or washed my hands again.  Particularly the blue.  But, a little makeup remover did the trick!  Also, they stayed put on my eyes.  No tears, not smudging in the corner....and no irritation.  For the price, I couldn't be happier with these four colors!  

The other bonus - colors other than black!  

Did any of you get lucky enough to grab these before, or after, the holidays?  

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