Spotted at Meijer: New Physician's Formula Sexy Booster Collection

10:46 AM

I love seasonal collections from the various cosmetics companies, but one of my favorites has to be Physican's Formula and their Happy Booster line.  Something about the little hearts (see closeups here and here) and the shimmer really bring a pick me up to the daily routine in the gloomy winter months.  Plus, the colors are so bright and cheerful after deep vampy shades that tend to take over fall and winter. 
This January Physician's Formula has introduced the Sexy Booster line, which is a collection of lip glosses, bronzers and blushes.  These are decorated with high heels and bustiers, which is quite cute. 
I didn't get any of these, but do think they are really cute.  Have you picked these up?  Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I picked up the red gloss stain, which is more like a semi-matte liquid lipstick than a lipgloss. And I just picked up the light bronzer. Love the scent and glow of the bronzer! It is it is a warm cocoa scent and it lingers. (I like the scent a lot, but if you don't like scented powders, I would pass.)

  2. I didn't realize they smelled like that! Now I'm really interested! Thanks for posting!!


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