Swatches: Wet 'n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection - To Reflect Shimmer Pallet in Rose Champagne Glow

9:00 AM

When I saw the Fergie for Wet 'n Wild Center Stage Collection display at Walgreens I posted about yesterday, I immediately was drawn to this gorgeous peach-pink blush on the display.  The name is Rose Champagne Glow. 
This is a large pallet, easily held in my hand.  This reminds me of the size of a Laura Geller Balance 'n Blush compact, only square.   

This Rose Champagne Glow is a mix of 2-3 shades swirled together - a berry pink, a bubble gum pink, and then a gorgeous champagne shimmer.  This reminds me of a warmer version of the Laura Geller Blush 'n Brighten in Como/Portofino or like MAC "Hand Finish", which is another of my favorite pale pink shades. 

This is a smooth consistency.  The color isn't overly pigmented, but instead gives a very warm glow to the skin.  I think with as fair as I am, this could be used as a blush, but most would use this as a highlighter.  It could also be used as a warm champagne color for an eyeshadow.  Gorgeous, in my opinion.  I'm anxious to give it a try and see how these wear. 

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  1. I love this! I think you're right and it would be better off as a highlighter than a blush. To shimmery for a blush.

  2. This was a highlighter any way never meant to be a blush. But very pretty color

  3. @Emily it looks dark enough in the pan for an extremely fair person (like me) to wear as a blush. The pinks don't come out enough to warrant it a s a blush though. The golds and champagnes over power the pink. Beautiful shade though.


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