Spotted at Walgreens: New Wet 'n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection

9:00 AM

Spotted at Walgreens, the new Wet 'n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection.  This thing is packed full of new goodies, including two gel/cream eyeliners (a brown and a black), and eyeshadow primer, mascara, three new blushes/bronzers, four pallets/eyeshadow quints, and what appears to be several new shades of nail polish and lip colors.  Also, if you're lucky (and I was!) there is a $1 coupon on the display, bringing the items down to $3.99-$4.99 a piece.
I did snap a couple closeups of the To Reflect Shimmer Pallet blushes/bronzers.  I actually picked up the first one (Rose Champagne Glow). 

A quick peek at the four quints that were on this display.  Two of them had shimmer colors, and the other two were more mattes, although I believe all of them had at least one shimmer.  These were not over the top shimmery, but the colors are very bright.

Have you seen this collection yet?  What did you pick up?

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  1. I saw the display at my local Walgreens- but it was quite empty:/ def want to try the blush/bronzers!

    Did you know you have the captchas on for comments? Haven't been able to comment as it keeps saying I'm wrong?


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