Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre: Swatches

10:10 AM

I recently picked up Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre when I got the Urban Decay Primer Potion from Sephora a few weeks back.  Although I haven't tried this out yet over eyeshadow, I did swatch it.   Pictures and closeups are below.

First up - a closeup of the bottle/product.  This is a very watery (hence the name "Liquid" Lustre) product, that is jam-packed with sparkle.  Like Sephora states, this is "a long lasting liquid shimmer that can be applied over eyeshadow or worn alone on eyes and/or cheeks for a luminous, prismatic and three dimensional sparkle and shine".  I'd have to emphasize prismatic - this is an extremely iridescent sparkle!

The applicator itself is a dropper.  Mine actually was clogged when I got it, but I've used a needle to help push the glitter in and out of the dropper, and allow it to actually mix into the product in the bottle. 

Some swatches below - with and without flash.  Like I said, this is a very watery product, so I am anxious to see how this works over eyeshadow.  I can see how it would add some nice sparkle to the lid alone, or maybe applied over eyeliner to add some shimmer, but I would think the product would smear eyeshadow around, and ultimately make a mess.  I guess I'll have to give it a whirl!
A few people have tried this out in the blogging world.  First, Scrangie - she's is where I actually saw it first and why I decided to buy it.  Also, JoMakeMeBlushDotCom had some pretty looks (as well as a dupe to the product). 

Have you tried this yet?  How do you use it?

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