Maybelline StudioEyes Eye Plush "Mystical Mermaid"

9:38 AM

How about some various greens for your St. Patrick's Day today?  I saw a limited edition display for Maybelline Eye Studio Silk Plush eyeshadows the other day, and one of the colors was called "Mystic Mermaid", so I grabbed it.  A set of bright, various shades of green, I thought these would be pretty for spring. 

The first color is a bright lime/yellow green with silver shimmer.  Second is a very pale sage green with silver shimmer.  Next is a beautiful turquoise and lastly (my favorite) is a deep emerald green with iridescent shimmer. 

This was my first go-round with these shadows.  Surprisingly, they were really nice.  I agree with the "silk" in the name - they apply quite smoothly and aren't chalky at all.  The pigmentation was *iffy* without primer (see below), but with the help of a little base, the colors definitely popped.  For a primer I used LA Splash's eyeshadow primer/sealer.  There are definitely lots of possibilities with this pallet!

Have you seen this?  I also picked up a limited edition gel eyeliner called Forest, which is a beautiful deep black with evergreen pearl.

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