Introducing New Bare Minerals Skincare...The Treatments

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Last, but not least - the treatments in the new Bare Minerals Skincare line.   Specifically, there are three treatments available.  The first is a firming eye treatment.  I don't know about you, but products that target the eye area are one of the primary treatments in my regiment.  I find that this is the most difficult to work with, not only because the skin is so sensitive (and I want instant gratification), but also because depending on the type of product used, it can effect the outcome of your makeup.  For example, I had used some "firming" serums under my eye, but ultimately the tightening action was more of a drying action, and I ended up with crepey under eyes after my makeup had been applied.  On the other extreme, an ultra-moisturizing cream can cause your makeup to run down your eyes.  It has to be something in the middle, which is hard to find, in my opinion.  A for the Blemish treatment, I actually own and love this product.  Being a powder/mineral foundation user, I find it difficult to use "typical" spot tratments for blemishes because it ends up leaving a dry coating on the blemish, which is only accentuated by the makeup.  Seeing as this is actually powder itself,it works magically with my mineral foundation.  Better yet, it actually works!


What it is: This dramatically effective treatment restores firmness and reduces puffiness around the eyes. Powered by our RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex, this formula delivers smoother, younger-looking skin around the eye area.

Directions: Apply in a “C” curve—from brow bone to under-eye area—and gently pat into skin until absorbed. Use twice daily.
Price: $28, 15mL/0.5 Fl.Oz. Click here to buy.

What It Is: This unique, powder treatment helps to heal, conceal and prevent future breakouts. The exfoliating properties of our RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex along with the acne-healing benefits of natural sulfur effectively treat acne and blemishes while preventing future breakouts from forming. This non-irritating, all-in-one treatment also helps to minimize pores, neutralize redness and diffuse imperfections.

Directions: Swirl enclosed brush into treatment, tap off excess and gently pat onto blemish. For larger problem areas, apply a light layer over affected area (avoiding the eye area). For best results, use at the onset of a blemish. Applying a light layer over problem areas daily can also help prevent new breakouts from forming.
Price: $18, 1g/0.03 Oz. Click here to buy.

What It Is: This groundbreaking treatment remains a hero product in the bareMinerals Skincare lineup. This unique, easy-to-use component offers a clinically proven formula to visibly reduce pores, increase firmness and improve elasticity, while revealing remarkably healthier, younger-looking skin. The potent powder formula is powered by RareMinerals Active Soil Complex to replenish skin for smoother, brighter, more even skin tone with improved texture.

Available In Four Tones: clear, light, medium and tan – a treatment product that instantly diffuses imperfections, while you sleep.

Directions: Apply as the last step of any nighttime routine. Gently shake jar to allow treatment to cling to enclosed brush. Open lid, tap off excess and buff onto skin in circular motions.
Price: $60, 4.2g/0.15 Oz. Click here to buy.

Well, what do you all think?  Will you give these BareMinerals skincare items a try?  What are you most excited about? 

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