Bonne Bell Eyeshadow Stick "Sage Shimmer"

9:13 AM

Another little gem from the Bonne Bell line - the Eyeshadow Stick in Sage Shimmer.  This is a chunky pencil with a soft but extremely pigmented eyeshadow in stock form.  These are very creamy, smooth, and easy to apply.  As Bonne Bell's site says:

"Eye Shadow Stick™ is an eye shadow and an eye liner in one and is available in a beautiful range of illuminating shades."

The glitter in these is very minute, and really gives the color more of a mirror effect than actual glitter.  Like I said, this is very smooth and creamy, so I'm anxious to try it out as not only a liner, but eyeshadow and even a base.  I haven't worn it yet - just swatched for the pictures below. 

The color itself is truly a silver-sage.  There isn't a whole lot of warm undertones to this one, so for those of you who have enough olive pencils, this might be a good option.  It is very bright, springy and cheery.  I'm anxious to give this one a whirl!  The retail is about $3.50, give or take your store.

Have you seen or tried these pencils yet?  What did you think? 

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