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11:08 AM

So, I tend to get bored easily.  When I do, I try and find something fun and crafty to do.  This typically means I have tons of little projects going at once, but since I finally finished one, I wanted to share.

Here's what started it all.  My best friend's sister Emily is an avid DIY'er and has made some of the most gorgeous things for her house (check her out here at MiniHouse).  Most recently she made the cutest yarn-wreath with little felt flowers, which was inspired by another fantastic blog, Mrs. Priss.  The lovely Morgan looks at all things from DIY'ing for your house, motherhood, to jewelry making.  Well, enter me, bored one night, dabbling through the Mrs. Priss blog.  Between the felt flowers on Emily's wreath at MiniHouse, to the gorgeous Anthropologie inspiried jewlery at Mrs. Priss, I ended up going through my old jewelry making supplies and felt, and created this...

Basically, it is three strands "pearls", all different sizes and variations in pale and gray pearls, and I made two felt chrysanthemums, one in ivory and the other in a pumpkin/spice shade.  The flowers have rhinestone centers - three in the larger one, and one in the smaller flower.   I couldn't believe how simple the flowers were to make, and I already have tons of ideas floating around in my head on ways to make and use these! 

I have to say, for a night at home with a glass of wine, I was very pleased with the results...

And, here it is on.  (I'm not sure why I'm not smiling...probably because I'm at work!) 

Cute, huh?  The possibilities are endless with these little beauties!

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  1. Hey!
    Pretty necklace :)
    I'm your new follower, please check out my blog and follow me back.



  2. This is so cute, I will have to try this one day. Pearls and flowers two of my favorite things :)



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