Smacker's Dazzle Dust - Shimmery, Glittery, Goodness...

9:38 AM

I absolutely adored Lip Smacker's as a kid - there was something about all the different flavors of lipgloss!  It's no wonder I have such an obsession with lipsticks and lipgloss now!  Over the holidays, I was looking through all the fun goodies for stocking stuffers, and I came across this - Smacker's Dazzle Dust.  I guess I didn't realize that they had more than just gloss now!

The Dazzle Dust is a compact chock-full of glitter, shimmer and sparkle.  Appropriately named, this can definitely "dazzle" anything, from your cheeks, lids, to decolletage.  I believe the retail was $3.99, but I'm not 100% positive.

I took tons of pictures, so please bear with me - it was really hard to capture what this looks like! 

The snapshot below is probably the most accurate in terms of color and shimmer...

The texture and consistency is a bit chunky on this.  As you can see in the picture below, it doesn't go on very evenly.  I  think I used the brush that came with it, so that could be part of the problem.  The $0.01 brush doesn't exactly pick up and apply product as well as some of mine!  I think if I can get it to apply a little smoother and more evenly, this will be used as a highlight to my cheeks.  Now, on to find the right brush...

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  1. I've seen this too and it looked interesting! I love anything Bonne Bell still and think I might need to get this now, Thanks!

  2. It is really pretty - definitely sparkley though! This will add a lot of glitz/glam to a look with very little effort (or price!).


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