New Sassy Minerals Haul and Pictures!

2:18 PM

I ordered a set from Sassy Minerals earlier this week, and I received it last night in the mail - what a way to start the weekend!  I had ordered a set a while back - last November I think - so it was time to try some more new colors out.  (You can see my original order here)

I fell in love with the blushes, particularly "Plus One", from first batch - at $0.75 a sample, you really can't beat it!  I still have plenty left to go for a month or so longer, so it's a great way to try out the colors.  The other thing that is really neat about their website, is under the "Get Cheeky" section for blushes, there is a sub-section called "Deja Vu" - here you can find great dupes for some of your favorite shades, including Bare Escentuals and Nars.  It's a great concept, and again for the price, you can't beat trying them out!

Click images below for a larger view!

After Party:  Apparently I really liked this color because I ordered it again!  This is a beautiful shimmery, deep, golden olive.  I absolutely love this is an eyeliner, but it works well as a deep crease color as well.

Crown Jewels:  A prime example as to how a products description can truly represent what it is.  This shade looks exactly like crushed rubies, sapphires and marcasite.  Think deep silver with flashes of blues and reds.  Its gorgeous on its own, but works very well as a dark eyeliner. 

Off Kilter:  This is a very unique color.  It has hints of violet, lavender and pink with flashes of blue and truquoise sparkle.  Beautiful for spring, it reminds me of a field of hyacinth.  I love the shimmer and sparkle in this also.  Actually, I may play around with some of this and try to make a nail polish with it too!

Lyrical:  Deep turquoise with turquoise sparkle.  I think this is a black base, but its very hard to tell.  The color is unbelievably deep, full of shimmer and just plain neat!  I'll be wearing this one as a liner for sure....

Dreamy:  A beautiful mint green frost with flashes of turquoise shimmer.  This reminds me of crushed sea glass that washes up on the beaches.  It is a neat color, that typically either works itself towards green or blue on, but this truely is a mixture of both. 

Star Struck:  A deep royal purple with silver flashes of sparkles.  When I pulled this out and opened it, I first thought of a starry night.  Its a beautifully unique color.  For those of you old Bare Escentuals users, this reminds me of the old eyeliner called Amethyst.  A perfect shade for an eyeliner.

Witty Banter:  This shade is a pale golden color with a hint of pinky coral undertones.  It reminds me a bit of a darker version of Fyrinnae's Polar Bear.  This would look really nice on warmer and darker skin tones.  I am anxious to try this version of gold out because a lot of mine are much more "yellow" and not quite as gold. 

Hopeless Romantic Blush:  A rich, rosey coral with flashes of beige and golden shimmer.  This reminds me of a darker version of Plus One when I look at it in the pot, but I think once I swatch them next to eachother, Hopeless Romantic will be a bit deeper and not quite as shimmery.   

After Burn:  You know when you have a tan, sit out in the sun, and get that hint of pink on your skin and cheeks?  That is what After Burn is - a deep coral color with warmer under tones.  The shimmer and frost reflect back some berry and gold.  Gorgeous for the summer!

Whisper in my Ear:  A pale bronze shade with golden shimmer.  I haven't tried this on my cheeks, but when I swatched it, I think this might be my new "bronzer".  It's not exatctly bronze, as it still has a hint of peach to it, so you don't have that dirty look that some bronzers leave behind.  Not overly pigmented, either, so it is easier to apply than some. 

Swatches of everything are below.  I used the Pixie Epoxy on the bottom half, and next to each swatch I applied the shades wet so you could see their application as a liner.  Below the entire set, I took close-ups of shades to give you a better glimpse into their complexity. 

I know I have said this before, but these Sassy Minerals are a great buy for the price, have quick shipping, and quite a variety of shades.  I will do a FOTD with some of these during the upcoming week!

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  1. I love Sassy! I want to try that Hopeless Romantic blush, it looks nice.

  2. Just gave you a little award on my blog. Stop by when you have a sec. :)


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