Black Radiance Bold & Sexy Nail Lacquer: Passionate, Sassy, and Naughty

8:00 AM

Grocery shopping this weekend at the local Meijer, I found that they had several items on clearance (Jane, some Milani, and Black Radiance). I was looking for a new nail polish to dip into, so the clearance rack of Black Radiance Bold & Sexy Nail Lacquers caught my eye, especially at a little over $2 a piece. The colors are all very warm toned, shimmery with golden sparkle, and perfect for fall, so I was an easy sell.

The three colors I picked up were Passionate (a deep cranberry with golden shimmer), Naughty (coffee brown with golden and olive shimmer), and Sassy (deep tan with golden shimmer). Each of the bottles is small, the brush is very thick with a rounded tip, and from what I can tell in testing Sassy, 2 coats is the perfect amount to get exceptional coverage.

Below I did a manicure using Sassy. I love this color because it is a great fall shade - its almost a deep pewter color. I'm going to let my nails grow out a little more before I try out Passionate or Naughty. Unfortunately, I had to cut them all back after a lot of manual labor and dry weather caused a few of them to chip.
Speaking of manicures - what is your favorite hand lotion for the dry, winter months? As you can see below, my skin gets very dry (and that is probably an hour after applying lotion!). Any suggestions would be very helpful! :)

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  1. I am so happy to see you review Black Radiance nail polishes! Nobody ever talks about these and they are so great, so cheap, and the colors are so so pretty! You scored, girl! :) Love that shade on you, btw. xo

  2. Thank you so much! I do love their products, and these nail polish are no exception. I have switched up the manicure to another color, so I'll have to post that as well. Their liquid eyeliners are fantastic, too - the brown/gold is one of my favorite, go to colors!


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