NYC Sparkle Loose Eye Powders - Metro Metals!

8:00 AM

I think this is the last installment of the new line that came out for NYC Color, Metro Metals. I saw these, and although I was a bit leery of the "roller ball" application, decided to splurge the few dollars to try them out. Once I got home, I swatched them, which can be seen below.

The swatch is done with one pass, no primer, dry on my wrist.

I have to say, these may be one of my must-haves, especially the City Citrine, as it is a beautiful and shimmery high light color to be used with any of the warm shades you have. City Citrine is a shimmery version of MAC's Vanilla pigment in my opinion, and definitely going to be used a lot by me in my day to day looks. Amethyst, although the name implies would be purple, is actually a beautiful mica color. It is very warm undertoned, with hints of purple and silver in the shimmer. The Amethyst color is a bit "chunkier", but still goes on very smooth. Once I have applied the shadow with the roller ball, I use a shadow brush to blend it all over the lid, or in the area that I am using the color for. I tell you, though, if NYC comes out with more colors in these roller shadows, I am definitely going to buy more, because the quality is great, the staying power is fantastic, and the pigmentation I would put next to any high end product I have tried thus far. Even more, if you don't like the roller ball application, it is easily popped out and the color could be added to an empty pigment jar for easier application with a brush.

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  1. I saw this on your blog, Meredith, and I picked up the citrine myself last week. ;) I live in a very small town, so I only get to CVS/Walmart a couple times a month. :) I buy things at the dollar store, too, but I couldn't pass up the citrine... it looks very nice as a higlight brow color for me. I'll be using it often.

    I also picked up orange flip lipstick (Revolon brand) because I wanted something different and out there for spring. I am sick of winter already. ha. It is nice, but it feathers a bit (unlike the Avon lipsticks I like argh) so I have to wear a lipliner with it. I also picked up some cheap lipglosses, but none of them were all that great. I will use them a few times and trash them or give them to my sister since they were $2.50 or less. I don't feel so bad doing that...

    I did find a wet 'n wild dazzle type gloss that is lovely. It's a clear, sparkle with blue undertone sparkles (baby's got bling it's called). I like it a lot for a natural lip or over matte lipstick. Can't beat it for $1.99. I will probably be buying more of that brand... in that type.


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