NYC Color Chrome Color - Lip Gloss - 24KT

8:00 AM

So, the other day I finally came across the NYC Color Chrome Face colors that I have been reading about online so much.  The colors, especially the face colors, are very similar to the MAC Mineralize blushes and shadows, so I was anxious to find it here locally.  I looked at Walgreens, which I had read as carrying the brand, but ours didn't have them.  Instead, I found the colors at our local Meijer grocery store.

Below is one of the lipglosses, called 24KT.  This is a beautiful, sparkley, yet not too pigmented gold.  I really liked it on its own, but I could definitely be used as a layer over lipsticks to enhance the color.

You can see the swatch below - notice how it just adds a hint of color.  This would be beautiful with all the warm browns of fall!

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  1. Wow... your lip gloss just looks great!! I just love it's color.


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