NYC Chrome Eyeshadows - Aquamarine & Tiger's Eye

1:11 PM

These two shadows are so pretty! Both have about three colors swirling through them. In the case of Aquamarine, it has silver, navy and a bright turquoise swirled through, with tons of shimmer. Tiger's Eye is mostly ivory, with chocolate brown and gold swirled through.

The color payoff is a little bit less than desired, but if you apply them wet, there is much more of a reward. I applied the swatches, below, dry. Aquamarine is absolutely stunning as a deep turquoise liner if applied wet. Tiger's eye is a great base, but I think depending on how much gold and chocolate is running through, it will adjust the color to be a bit darker compared to mine.

I liked these a lot, and for the price, about $2/shadow, you can't really beat the product. Hopefully they will come out with a few more colors in their upcoming season.

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