FOTD - Taylor Made Minerals

3:52 PM

Yay! I got to try the Taylor Made Minerals, and I love them! The colors are great, they wear really well, and they are super sparkely (at least the ones I picked out).

Below are the swatches, in the same order as I showed them yesterday.

I wore the following colors: Bone, Chameleon, and Envy. What beautiful colors!
TMM "Bone" - lid and lower lash
TMM "Chameleon" - crease and corner
TMM "Envy" - lower lash line
Milani "Lilly White" - hilight brown bown

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  1. nice haul. :] i'm still waiting for my taylor made minerals to come in. :P

  2. They are great - I can't wait to see what you ordered! :) I'll definitely be back for some more colors, that's for sure!

  3. By the way, I wanted to say that this look is very flattering on you. :] And you have GORGEOUS eyes!!!

  4. Thank you so much - I appreciate it! I love the look you did the other day with the greens - that is something I'm going to have to work with. Greens are my absolute favorite!!


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