Bronze, Copper and Gold, Oh My! EOTD

10:33 AM

Good morning - today is going to be a quick EOTD blurb about a look I did a while ago and am just now getting to. One of my favorite combinations are golds and coppers, so this was an easy look for me to put together.

Taylor Made Minerals "Brown Sugar" - all over lid, under lash line
Bare Escentuals Glimmer "Sex Kitten" - crease
Mac Pigment "Vanilla" - brown bone
Diorshow Blackout mascara

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  1. This combo is SO pretty and gah I love your eyes! Any color combo you use makes your eyes pop. *jealous* :P

  2. Thank you so much! I LOVE everything you do, too! It's so inspiring reading your site! :)

  3. You do a fabulous job on your eyecolors ~ you definately have a talent in combining shades that I would never even think of! I'm curious about two things: in many of the shots it seems that your mascara is very 'clumpy' & the other (sorry) is your eyebrows ~ why do the start so far back? is that natural or do you over tweeze them? I have read dozens of times to lean the bottom of a make-up pencil against the side of your nostril & then angle it until the other end is at the inner corner of your eye. Directly above where the pencil is 'pointing' to is where your eyebrows should start. Helen

  4. Helen,

    Thanks for the post. To answer your questions, I have been experimenting with mascaras, as I typically use a volumizing one, which tends to clump after one coat. Hopefully I'll find one here I like that does both volumizing as well as lenthening. With regards to my eyebrows, I do minimal to maintain them, except pluck any strays, so yes, they do start back farther than the "rule of thumb".


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