EOTD 3.4.08 - Hard Candy SONIC

2:55 PM

I have been out of commission recently due to work and being sick (not a great combination), so I decided it was time to play with makeup, as that always makes me feel better! I have had a Hard Candy pallet sitting my makeup box for months: SONIC. It is full of great neutral colors seen below.

I used the white as a base, as it has a great golden undertone to it, which is hard to see in the pallet above. I foiled it on using mixing medium thanks to Vanessa (3 parts water:1 part glycerin) on the inner portion of the lid. On the outer corners, I used the golden olive color and blended it into the white. In the crease, I used the dark black with gold flecks.

Let me tell you what - the whole mixing medium thing has improved my makeup application and staying power so much, it's hard to believe! I had always used water, but this makes such a difference - thanks Vanessa!!

Here are the swatches from the pallet, in order as to it's location - these are great everyday colors, definitely!!

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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. My jaw fell to the floor! That is SOOOOO pretty! I love gold and yellow gold, even gold with a copper base, and this just looks so divine on you!

    I am really glad you liked the mixing medium and that it worked out for ya and noticed a difference, starting out in makeup I used water only to have my eyeshadows disappear in the middle of the day, but this gives it some staying power!

  2. Thank you so much! This is definitely a set that I haven't played with enough - tomorrow, when I'm more motivated I'll have to work with it a little more! Thanks again for all your advice - youre the best!!

  3. I've ALWAYS wanted to try these and never have! I love UD so but HC I have so few bits from ;)

    Great FOTD looks fantastic with your coloring!

  4. I love the colors, too, Muse - they have such great colors and the pigments are fantastic!



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