Spotted at CVS: New Cover Girl #HOTSTUFF Collection: Lip Lava and Outlas Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss

9:51 AM

Remember the good old days when CVS and Walgreens  used to put their new products front and center during the holidays?  Now, they are at the top of the shelves, above my height (I'm 5'9") and I usually miss a majority of them until the holidays are over and stocking-stuffing season has passed!  

Lucky me, I was actually able to reach a new display from Covergirl, featuring their new Lip Lavas and Outlast Stay Brilliant nail colors.  This collection features all duochrome colors, in rich gemstone hues.  I picked up the green and blue nail color and will swatch them in the upcoming weeks.  I am tempted to go try some of the new lippies, as well - absolutely gorgeous shades.  Have you seen these yet?

More pictures below of the display, which I spotted at my local CVS.

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