Spotted at Meijer: A few more Halloween goodies from Kiss Nail and Lip Dress, Sinful Magnetics

9:00 AM

Meijer never fails when it comes to all the new products and various Halloween makeup goodies this time of year.  The Halloween aisle wasn't as packed as normal, but I still found lots of things to share with you.  First up, Sinful Magnetic polishes.  Of all the magnetic polishes I've seen, this is the first one I've seen with a removable magnet, meaning you could collect various different patterns to use on all of your magnetic polishes.  Smart! 
You can see the "ring" that has the magnet on it in the picture below.

Next up the Kiss Nail Artist Halloween Stickers.  I love their seasonal stickers - they are so fun and cute, and a really simple and easy way to add some holiday spirit to your manicure, without a lot of time or effort. 
Also from Kiss, the Lip Dress lip tattoos.  These are definitely outside of my comfort zone, but they would be a neat way to really snap up a Halloween costume (i.e. the Cheetah lips if you were dressing up as a cat, etc).

There were also several varieties of Nail Stickers a-la-Sally-Hanson-Salon-Effects...
First up, Kiss Nail Dress.  Several varieties here, but I think I already showed you these from a Walgreens spotting. 

Also, Fright Night had some Nail Wraps and new polish colors for Halloween.

These nail wraps aren't exactly Halloween specific - they are bright and could certainly be worn anytime.  Below are some closeups of the wraps. 

Have you seen any of these?  Have you tried the Lip Dress by Kiss? 

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