Spotted at Walgreens: Glam Republic Illusion Eyes Eyeliner Appliques

8:45 AM

Who doesn't love the bold yet simple look of the pin up or cat eye eyeliner?  Marilyn is probably the most iconic with this look, and for years we have tried to replicate her gorgeous technique with pencils, felt tips, liquid and gel eyeliners.  Well, if you are one of the many out there who haven't mastered the technique, Glam Republic has something new for you to try out: Illusion Eyes

Illusion Eyes are temporary and reusable eyeliner appliques, giving you a variety of options to create and play with your makeup look. 
I'm intrigued.  These are $5.99 a piece, and there are some bold looks that might be fun, especially with Halloween coming up.   Have you seen these?  Have you tried them?  Wonder what they are like!?

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