Spotted at Walgreens: A new Wet 'n Wild Halloween Display? New Polishes and Sets?

3:23 PM

So I lied....I went into Walgreens over lunch and found another display up that wasn't there last week  - this time for Wet 'n Wild and Fantasy Makers Halloween.  Most items I've already seen with the exception of the following: new (?) colors for Wet 'n Wild Mega Last Salon nail Colors?  I checked the names and I wasn't familiar with them, and they sounded seasonal (i.e. Poison Ivy, which I picked up), and I checked the regular display and didn't see these.  These colors were all frosts, and very rich deep ones at that. 

There were also two collections of nail polishes, each for $4.99 each.  The first is a Crackle Nail Color Kit, which comes with a Fantasy Makers black nail polish and then three Fantasy Maker mini Crackle Polishes.  The three crackles were a bright turquoise/blue, ruby red and silver crackle. 

The other kit was the Neon Nail Color Kit, which also came with the Fantasy Makers black creme nail polish and three minis of neon cremes.  Pretty colors and a fun little goodie for someone too!

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