For the Taupe Lover! Physicians Formula Eye Candy Shimmer Strips: Hazel Eyes

10:03 AM

Wrapping up my Physicians Formula posts for the time being (there are more to come!), I have the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Candy for Hazel Eyes.  I bought this set on sale at CVS, so I think it retailed at around $2.49 once it was all said and done. 

For those of you who love taupes, you could easily make this your everyday pallet (without the pink of course).  There is a full spectrum of shades and intensities, from the pale pinky taupes on the left, to the warmer taupes to the right.  The pigmentation is very nice, the texture is creamy, but a bit on the dry side.  I did use a primer under my swatches below (LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Primer), but even without they lasted pretty well.  These are quite frosty, so that may be a turn off for some of you.  The darker shades work very nicely as a liner when applied wet. 

This was my first shot at Physicians Formula eyeshadows, and I'll be honest, I'm quite pleased.  Because of the neutrality of a majority of the colors in this set, I can see using this day-to-day.  Have you tried this set?  What about the other Eye Candy Shimmer Strips?

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  1. I passed this palette but I think I will take another look since you mentioned all the taupes! LOL

  2. Olivia, these taupes are beautiful - they are mostly cooler toned, but a couple of them have some warmer browns woven into them. I am really enjoying this palette - and being that it was my first experience with PF's eyeshadows, I think I'll definitely be going back for another in different shades.


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