mark. Shimmer Down Lip Gloss "Pink Spark" and "Feels Ripe"

8:00 AM

I almost forgot how much I love mark. by Avon's products until I received my most recent order, which included the 24K Gold Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Splendor.  I picked up two of the Shimmer Down lip gloss tubes, one in Pink Spark an another in Feels Ripe.  

Each tube is a highly glossy, slightly pigmented lipgloss, packed with iridescent gold shimmer.  Pink Spark is a beautiful pale peachy-pink and Feels Ripe is in the same color family, but is a brighter (almost red) magenta with the same golden shimmer.  

I tried to capture the colors in the shot below, but the flash totally washed them out.  You can pick up the shimmer, though.  
The lipgloss comes with a squeeze tube applicator.  The gloss itself is thick, but not sticky.  It has just a *hint* of color, and the shimmer is very subtle once applied.  The gloss lasts quite a while, too, which is nice - it doesn't immediately soak in and leave you wishing for more.

The colors are very true to life in the picture below.  I really like Feels Ripe - it adds just a hint of color, and Pink Spark is a perfect natural gloss.  See how as the swatch thins out?  You can get a good idea as to the color on the lips towards the bottom of the swatch.  

Lip swatches below.  Like I have said, Pink Spark is quite neutral - it really is just my lips but shiny.  I do like the shimmer, which I couldn't capture in the picture(s) below unfortunately.

Feels Ripe gives a hint of pink to the lips.  It actually is even deeper in real life, but I think you get a pretty good idea of it below.  The shimmer stands out a little better in the swatch below for Feels Ripe. 

I am going to be keeping Feels Ripe in my purse - this is a great gloss to have around.  Do any of you have these Shimmer Down glosses?  Thoughts?

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  1. These look so pretty. For some reason I just haven't tried any mark products yet! :-/

  2. Femputer - I think you would be pleasantly surprised...they really do have nice products. I swear by the lipglosses and "hookups" - they are ingenious and great products! Also, their Scandalash mascara is quite nice.

  3. i have pink spark, but it's more brown/pink than what it looks to be there. might just be the photo or my computer, though. i'm not a lipgloss fan, but i like it.

  4. Sara,

    To me, the gloss itself is a nice warm pink - not quite coral, but almost there. It's the golden shimmer that really pushes it over the edge, and I can see where you would call it brown/pink. Lipglosses are hit or miss for me, but I do like these. They are small, fit in my purse and do the job when I need to refresh after the day and want a hint of color.


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