Spotted at Walgreens: New Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Display - Including new Fast Dry Nail Polish, Mascaras, and Eyeshadow Trios

10:44 AM

For those of you who are huge Wet 'n Wild fans (I know I am!), you have probably heard the rumblings of the new products that are being launched...if you haven't, head on over to Nouveau Cheap and check out her recent posts - she's the first Wet 'n Wild Ambassador, and is posting some awesome reviews of the new products!

Wet 'n Wild has come out with some new mascaras and lash growth serums, new lipgloss, new Color Icon Shimmer Pencils (see Nouveau Cheaps review here), new eyeshadow trios, and new fast dry nailpolish (see swatches on Nouveau Cheap here).  There are also new 8-pan palettes that are coming, which are absolutely GORGEOUS, but I haven't seen them at my Walgreens or Walmart yet.  The review from Nouveau Cheap can be found here.  So much fun!  I love all the new products!

Aren't all these new goodies so much fun!  I absolutely love the names of the nail polish too - they are named after favorite TV shows of the present and 9021-Orange, Silvivor, and Gray's Anatomy.  Exciting stuff I tell ya!

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  1. Pretty! I am disappointed that the 8 color palettes haven't popped up yet.

  2. Hmmm yeah I saw that exact display but didn't think to pick up anything even though nail polishes are so eye catching. I seems like I have to get Silent Treatment.

  3. Wow! A full display! lol When I go to my Walgreens next week, I don't expect to see much left in stock, especially with the 50% off deal going on. But I'm hoping that I'll get lucky and be able to snag a few palettes and polishes... and maybe a liner or two... ;)


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