Spotted: Hard Candy for $1 at Walmart - Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

9:05 AM

I haven't quite figured this one out, but the local Walmarts in my area seem to get everything at the latest possible moment compared to when I read about them in the beauty blogosphere.  Take Exhibit A above...Hard Candy's holiday promotions, which included a set of 4 polishes for $10 as well as these mini polishes for $1 a piece.  I picked up the set of 4, so I will take pictures of that and post in the next few days.  I did not realize that Hard Candy was going to have the $1 mini polishes, though, and there are some very pretty colors.  What I was able to find while digging through the display were a large silver sparkle, a mini orange frost/micro glitter (which is actually the same as the orange that comes in the set of 4 Holiday polishes), a purple with magenta duochrome and silver glitter, and a bright pink frost.  There may be other colors, but if so, they were picked over.  Really, at $1 a piece, it's a great present topper or stocking stuffer...

Now, if I could only find the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber collection...

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