Jordana Color Effects Bright Eyeshadow "Green"

8:00 AM

I think Jordana is one of the more under-rated drug store finds.  Not only is the price unbelievable, but the quality is really quite good!  Around me, Walgreens is where I can find Jordana, and typically it is just the basic lip and eyeliners, but nothing more.  A few weeks ago I discovered a display full of these new Color Effects Bright Eyeshadows - talk about bright neons!  They were gorgeous!  So, I decided to be as practical is possible, and picked up the green.

Green 03 is a beautiful kelly-green with gold shimmer.  This is a very shimmery and frosty shade, so if you don't like this type of eyeshadow, these are definitely not for you.  The style of this shadow is similar to all the new rage - the baked eyeshadows that can be worn wet or dry.  I honestly didn't swatch this wet because of how beautifully this applied dry, but I did play around with it as an eyeliner wet, so I will post some pictures of that later on.  

Like I said above, this is a beautiful bright grassy Kelly green, but has tons of golden shimmer to it.  Really, it depends on the light - I would almost call these a duochrome type shadow, which is probably more evident in the second swatch picture below - the first is with the flash, the second is in natural light.  The swatches are only one stroke of my finger - that is how pigmented these are!  Creamy, smooth, pigmented...I would put this up against any high end eyeshadow I have in my collection: MAC, Laura Geller, Urban Decay...this is fantastic!

Have you come across these shadows at your local drug stores?  Did you pick one up?  What did you think?

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  1. This is pretty, I bought the orange and yellow recently and returned them, I realized I had color similar to them that I dnt even use.

  2. Wow, that's amazing. Don't think Jordana is available in Canada, so I might have to go to Cherry Culture for it


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