Reader Questions: Paper Me Pretty Blush/Bronzer/Sparkles

7:45 AM

Question: How do you actually get them on your face right without a brush?

Answer: Now that I finally was able to upload and adjust some of my pictures, I can show you all how I used these sheets!

First, I applied my primer, concealer and foundation as usual. Here I am wearing Laura Geller's Perfect Match, which was a kit which I purchased off of QVC. My foundation and concealer are "medium". Once my foundation has set, I took a sheet of the Mary Kate and Ashley Paper Me Pretty Blush in "Radiance".

"Radiance" is a bright pink, with cool tones to it. There are a handful of other blush colors (probably 5), so there are some warmer shades as well.

Once my foundation had set, I held the sheet by the back, which didn't have very much blush on it, if any at all. I applied the blush like you would any other, starting with the apples of your cheek and swiping it backwards. Think of the sheet of paper as your brush, and just swirl and swipe back.

At this point, the color should be applied to your cheeks, although it will most likely have some harsh lines which need to be blended (see below).

I chose one of my lighter and fluffier blush brushes - this one is my Laura Geller double ended blush/eyeshadow brush. Very lightly, I blended the edges. You don't want to be too rough with this, or else your brush will pick up the blush and you will lose your color.

At this point, I finished my makeup, eyeshadow and mascara and had this look! The blush lasted all day - it has fantastic staying power, and for the price you can pick and choose different colors to play with. What's even better, they don't have any fall out when you apply!

As you probably noticed from the picture of my original purchase, I also bought a bronzer, another shade of blush, and one of their sparkle sheets. I will swatch those out for you to see as well! They are really neat!


Foundation: Laura Geller's Perfect Match in Medium

Eyeshadows: Jesse's Girl Eye Dust "Pink" (Lid), Bourjois Eyeshadow "Gris" (Crease), Jesse's Girl Eye Dust "Reflects Gold" (highlight)

Liner: Mary Kate & Ashley Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Lips: Mary Kate & Ashley X2 Lipstick/Lipgloss in Berry Kisses (more pictures of this to follow)

Mascara: Rimmel GlamEyes in Extreme Black

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  1. Wow, I saw these last week and didn't give it a second thought. Now I'm going to have to return and pick some up. Thanks for the tutorial, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

  2. pretty cool stuff.. wut if u messed?


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