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I have finally taken some pictures of my order from Avon the other day, which are all below. They have come out with a line of new brushes, all with ergonomic handles. The brushes are really soft and have good texture, and after trying them, I am sold on the rest of the line. And for only about $5/brush, I'm definitely going to grab a few more for my collection.

Below are a few pictures of the two brushes I picked up, the "All Over Shadow Brush" and the "Eye Liner Brush". The shadow brush has a nice shape to it, which aids in blending and base colors. The liner brush is square and has a little bit of guts to it, but it still is a great brush to use on both top and bottom lash lines.

Above: Brushes head on

Brushes turned and up close.

Avon has also started their own line of mineral makeup. Although I have tried the foundation and didn't really like it, the shadows they have are really nice. Below is a new one, with a bit of shimmer.

Avon Smooth Mineral Eye Shadow "Pink Sapphire"

Secondly, similar to MAC Mineralize eyeshadows, Avon has a new wet/dry shadow line - Avon Satin Delux Eyeshadow Duo. The colors are extremely pigmented and can be worn wet or dry, as the name implies. The color I picked, Plum Pair Duo, is a bright lavender purple split with a deep chocolate brown. Both colors are very frosted, hence the poor picture. The actual picture from Avon's website (below) is very true to the color of the set.

There is also a set of blushes that is split like the shadows. The Satin Delux Blush has a very pigmented, non frosted side, as well as a complimentary frosted side that can be swirled together to make a beautiful blush when applied to your face. I chose the Neutral Duo, which is a bright coloral with neutral undertones. The picture is below.

The last thing I ordered was part of the new mark. skincare line. I have always had great results with the mark. line (makeup included), but now they have come out with a natural skincare line, each focusing on something different, but all designed around the benefits of antioxidents and fruit extracts.

Specifically, I ordered the facial cleanser That's Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser with Sugar Maple and Black Willow Bark, the moisturizer See Things Clearly, and two Hookups - one for breakouts Get Clearance and the other to help depuff eyes Light Bright. I will do a review in a bit.

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  1. OOh Great Haul! I have been wanting to buy some Avon stuff for so long now. I think I'll wait for your review on the Mark skincare line and then order some myself!
    Thanks Girl!
    Indian Girl


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