Mineral Makeup Storage

10:05 PM

I have been trying to find a simple, clean, and organized way to keep my mineral makeup for months. Right now I am using two of these three teired rubbermaid containers, that fit right under the sink or on top of the vanity: I have found that although I can fit a lot of makeup in these, I end up pulling a drawer out and shoving it back in when I'm finished, only to toss the makeup around in the container and cause a mess later on. To be honest, I have two of these full of makeup, and each drawer has a purpose:

1. Eyeliners

2. Lipsticks/Lip glosses

3. Pigments/Loose drugstore brand pigments

4. Mineral makeup

5. Pallets

6. Individual single pressed eyeshadows.

Although I try and be organized by allocating one drawer to one purpose, I still end up causing more problems than it's worth. So, I went to the local Lowe's store over my lunch and took a look at their storage solutions and tool boxes. I ended up going with a little storage box by Plano (3700 series - that's kind of funny, it sounds like it's a car!), which has removable dividers to help create different size compartments within the box itself.

I am going to work on organizing my mineral makeup tonight, so I will take pictures of the before and after when I'm finished. From what I can tell, the mineral eyeshadows I have (Bare Escentuals, Taylor Made Minerals, etc) will fit perfectly - let the games begin!

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